Greek Salad 

Tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onions, olives & feta cheese

5,80 6,90
Cretan Salad 

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, egg, olive, carob rusk, capers local flaked cheese served with  a la chef dressing

6,50 7,80
Golden Salad 

Mixed green salad ,dried tomato, raisins, walnuts, prosciutto and flaked of yellow greek cheese served with forest fruit dressing

7,20 9,40
Chicken salad

Mixed green salad, chicken pieces, croutons, flakes parmesan cheese and mustard dressing

7,20 9,00
Tuna Salad 

Mix green salad, tomato, cucumber, onions, tuna, boiled eggs and cocktail sauce

6,50 8,80
Salmon Salad 

Mixed green salad, smoked salmon avocado, Philadelphia cheese, capers, parsley and orange dressing

7,20 9,90
Tomato, cucumber salad  

With onions